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February 12, 2024 at 4:04 am #1128132

Well they were making a very loud noise in someone else’s house (that sounded like they were having sex) for an hour and the guy came out half naked covered in love marks in front of her mother and they did not find it uncomfortable in the first place. And no one blamed her for anything, it’s not like she found herself in trouble because of it. I didn’t say anything to her but the guy exactly because even though I was annoyed by that situation, I thought that such comments might be a little touchy for a girl.
For what it’s worth, even when my husband called his mother, his main point was that it was the guy’s fault for creating drama over a minor thing again instead of take it to consideration and not be behaving like that in the future.

Also, I have never expressed any kind of dislike towards her over the years nor voiced it to anyone. You are right, she behaves like an average spoiled teenager (like for example, each time they come, she would always go first in the shower and spend 1-1,5 hours there and I would have to wait even if I asked to go first for a really quick shower, or she would be rude if she loses when we play board games (about my accent for example) and so on. I just never thought it was my place to say anything about it. In my family, my mom would be the one educating my sister and I if we were not behaving well.

I understand of course that I will not have the same treatment as her daughter, which is completely fine with me. However, I feel like some situations should be approached with some common sense. Since I am still married with her son and can not go no contact with them, I am just trying to figure out how to behave