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February 12, 2024 at 12:31 pm #1128138

Quick off-topic rant. I recently applied for some freelance work. I used to freelance often and it was a pretty chill extra stream of income, but I haven’t done it since being at this job. I was invited to join the freelance team, which happens to be based out of my city and in my industry, so my org is tenuously connected to the president of the company I applied with. I went to my boss to double check about a conflict of interest before responding to the invite. Today my boss and I had a quick video call where he had to tell me no and he wanted me to understand why it is a no, which has nothing to do with a conflict of interest but essentially boils down to dated company policies and an employee classification system we no longer use but are still in our policies. Employees of a certain “rank” cannot do outside work of this nature, and had I been classified under the old system, I’d likely have fallen into the higher “rank” of employees. They said they’re going to update the policies and under new policies, it’d be fine, but until they make the updates, it’s a no. I’m doubting policy updates will happen quickly… we haven’t used these employee designations in the near seven years I’ve been here and policies have not been updated to follow suit yet. And, IDK, it’s fine in that I knew it potentially would be a no-go. What I did not expect was feeling sad/bad to be told by men who make multiple times my salary that I cannot work in my free time to earn even a little bit more for myself.