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February 12, 2024 at 6:59 pm #1128139

Copa, while recognizing every situation is different and only you are the best judge of whether advice feels like the right path for you, I would not accept this no for an answer. I seem to recall you are already looking for another job.

If it were me, I’d calculate how much I would expect to make in a year from freelancing and add 30%. Then, I’d request another meeting with the boss, within the next couple of days – or just go and drop in, if your workplace supports that kind of thing. I’d tell him that you’ve been thinking and that unfortunately, this ‘no’ isn’t going to work for you. A conflict of interest is legitimate but ‘no because an outdated (and possibly illegal) policy says no is not. I would flat-out flag for him that while it may be hard to appreciate when his position compensates at a much higher level than yours but the dramatic increases in the cost of living means your standard of living is dropping. So there are 3 choices:
1 – they let you freelance, now
2 – they raise your salary by the amount you would earn from freelancing
3 – you are forced to look for another job, and they will need to absorb the costs of recruitment and training, when they could avoid that entirely by just letting you decide to do what you want on your own time.

If he balks, I’d go to his boss about it. If you are valued, they should buckle.

I’d also seek legal advice to find out if employers can restrict your right to earn money on the side. Where I live, they can’t. If that is the case where you live, your other option is to do what you want and not tell him. If they find out, you can produce the evidence that they cannot legally control what you do in your off hours. If they fire you, sue. And of course, in the meantime, you may find another job.