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February 12, 2024 at 11:36 pm #1128141

The executive director is actually the one who has already said “not right now.” My boss was fine with it but asked my permission to clear it with our general counsel, who knows our policies thoroughly. (We work in the legal space and I do trust our GC.) He said there was no conflict but pointed to some policies and told my boss to kick it up to the ED, which my boss did with my permission. That’s where it died. “For now.” The ED should be in my office tomorrow and it may come up. The amount I’d make freelancing isn’t worth jeopardizing my job. I do plan to keep looking as I have been. Mostly right now I feel frustrated, everything feels like a dead end. Companies that pay less than what I make now. TWO ghosting me after panel interviews in December. And I didn’t realize how shitty it’d feel to have the highest earners at work shoot me down in this way.