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March 6, 2024 at 3:27 pm #1128423

Agreed that your picker/ your meter is off. I’m curious how all of these men were able to carry on seeing you and these other women in such a way that you never questioned it. And how all of them had a second women and some of them knew about you and they were somehow fine with it?

That this has happened so many times, I’m curious whether you’re giving people your trust before they actually demonstrate they are to be trusted? Are their behaviors matching their words or are you swayed by their words because that’s what you want to hear and when they’re tired of the games they are playing, they use their words to hurt you (you’re ugly, you’re old, I never loved you).

And whether this is your fault, well no, it’s not your fault that people treat you terribly. But you haven’t indicated that there were any red flags, or you simply didn’t see the red flags because you weren’t looking for them. When you look back now – can you see the signs or is it still all a mystery to you?