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March 6, 2024 at 7:46 pm #1128427

Yeah, I’m joining everyone else in saying that this is almost certainly a scam. He’s telling you he’s falling in love with you WAYYYYY too early, and then when you didn’t respond equally enthusiastically it seems like he’s playing hard to get to make you feel bad. Also, I’m not rich so maybe I’m wrong, but it seems weird that someone as wealthy as he seems to be would be this hands-on about selling his property. Can’t he afford to hire an excellent realtor to manage this for him? After my father passed away my sister managed the sale of my father’s house mostly remotely, and we are far from wealthy.

I won’t tell you to forget him, although personally I would stop contacting him. But if you stay in contact, please proceed with EXTREME caution. Never, ever give him any money (or send gift cards, etc.), or provide him access to any of your accounts (not even if he’s claiming he’s doing it to give YOU money), or give him any kind of personally identifiable information (SSN obviously, but also date of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc.).

If you haven’t had a video chat with him, insist on one ASAP. It’s not a guarantee he is who he claims to be, but at least you can see if his real-time face matches his photos. Also, if I were you, I’d tell him, “I enjoy talking to you, and I’m happy to continue doing so, but I’m not interested in a long-term, long-distance relationship. So I’m going to continue accepting dates from other people until you and I are able to meet in person.”

Good luck!