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March 11, 2024 at 6:48 am #1128476

What Leslie said. Kids want to see their dad, not you. No offense, but you don’t sound very pleasant to be around if you are jealous of the attention he gives his children.

That’s not a huge personal slight, it’s just that they want their dad’s attention, deserve it and need it. They literally need it to be more emotionally happy and healthy.

This is a you problem. I don’t know what your relationship with your dad is. That you are suggesting that makes it seem likely that that’s something you need to discuss with a professional therapist. I went to therapy when my kids were young because I noticed I was upset and jealous sometimes that my own children have a safe and happy upbringing when mine was not. I didn’t have my father in my life most of it. It really helped me realize what was going on, what had happened to me was wrong, and that parenting my kids the way they deserve with a present caring parent with love and kindness is it’s own kind of healing for me, too.

You should go see a therapist for yourself, asap. You need to address this to save this relationship. But you need help for yourself for your own past wounds.

Do not dictate how and when he should see his kids. Go seek help.