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March 14, 2024 at 6:19 pm #1128503

Dude she does NOT enjoy sex with you. That is the root cause. She dresses comfy because she enjoys it and sees absolutely NO reason to dress uncomfortable and “sexy” for you because well, your sex doesn’t do it for her. Your whole post talks about you, you, you….

When is the last time you engaged in something physically pleasurable for HER that didn’t have a physical pay back for you? A back rub, foot rub, oral sex JUST for her with NO sex for you. If every touch and form of intimacy is ONLY a prelude to you pestering her for sex she will (and probably has) gotten to the point of not even wanting that. If you really want to fix this, I suggest a couple’s sex therapist where you are ready to hear where YOUR issues are and what SHE needs.

Additionally if she is don’t the majority of the parenting, housework, and mental labor then she is too tired to give a crap. Also doing the mental labor (setting up doctor’s appointments, putting stuff on the calendar, setting up chores for you to handle, reminding you what needs to be done) makes her feel she is more of your mom then a sexual partner. Totally NOT a turn on.