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March 21, 2024 at 11:06 am #1128605

At the moment, leaning toward no. The pay would be a big jump for me, the work seems interesting, but the environment seems like one I’d not thrive in — she told me that the volume of work is “crazy” and that she’s available to her direct reports 24/7. The skills test was done under timed conditions and the work was not what I’d call difficult but the time crunch to get through it was real. I didn’t quite finish. If that’s the actual pace of the job, I’d not be successful. I got the sense that she hadn’t prepared anything for our interview (likely because she is busy).

My sister is taking a mental health break from work beginning in a couple weeks and she has made me extra wary of trying to vet what kind of environment I’d be in. I’d rather keep my sanity and make less money.