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April 3, 2024 at 1:17 pm #1128678

Update: It had now been about 6 months since I ended this relationship. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. Initially, I felt okay after a couple weeks until my ex wrote me a letter. We ended up having to be in touch since we shared a lease. I made the mistake of hooking up with him during this time but I finally ended things 3 months. I didn’t want to be anyone’s backup plan. Since then, he has tried to stay in my life in different ways but I’ve turned him down each rime. I blocked him on everything except on Zelle…. Since I cannot block him on there. He recently messaged me on there to let me know he’s moving to Florida and then to Australia. I felt so sad when I read that… I don’t even know why but we emailed back and forth and I realized something. He simply wanted to hurt me. He wanted me to feel like he’s leaving me behind and that he’s going to be living his best life. He said he misses me a lot but he can’t keep holding on either. I truly think he’s a narcissist. He paints me as the bad guy. He says he left because I didn’t cherish him. I was the unloving, unappreciative person in the relationship. All of which doesn’t matter anymore. He said some really mean things to me that I never would’ve expected. I think that’ll help me move on and finally accept that he is no longer the person I once cared about…