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April 4, 2024 at 10:22 am #1128690

It’s probably really hard to hear how sceptical people are. Just a few other thoughts: are you feeling desperate to get out from under your family’s control? Maybe you are being gently encouraged down the arranged marriage route? You might feel like marrying an American will get you away from this conservative, controlling environment. Maybe you want to marry all for love? Just moving to the US isn’t necessarily that straightforward; immigration rules are complicated and at times harsh, not to mention expensive. Just marrying someone does not immediately let down the drawbridge. Also, would your qualification be accepted in a US workplace? SO MANY people I’ve met are massively qualified in their home countries but cannot practice in their adopted home. If you are old enough to contemplate such a course of action, you’re old enough to research it for yourself (not under anyone’s influence). If your parents choice is between losing you altogether while making your choices for you, they may come around to doing things in a more modern way.