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April 5, 2024 at 7:43 pm #1128725

If you’re going to view sex as transactional and something achieved after doing this task, this task and this task then of course you’re not going to get it, Shemp.

It appears transactional on the surface but it’s really not. It’s women essentially begging for you to become an equal, proactive member of the household. It is sometimes demonstrated by cleaning and whatever but mostly it’s just showing you goddamn care. If you’re resentfully doing a few loads of laundry then pawing at your partner for your reward what makes you think that’s a turn on? Have you been an active manager of the household all along or is this a new angle to see if it leads to sex? Have you actually checked in on your partner’s feelings without it being an interrogation as to why you’re not getting any? If you and your mates are all sitting around bitching about your wives not giving you sex I can already tell the women are resentful and angry and sick of being treated like a malfunctioning sex dispensary and none of you are actually doing the work to figure out why, you’re just blaming them. It’s never just the laundry, bud.