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April 29, 2024 at 6:53 am #1128944

You say he has a lot of awesome qualities but I think you’re giving them significantly more weight than they deserve.

On the “not so great” qualities you mention:

1. Lack of ambition – contentment is lovely if you are satisfied with what you have and want nothing more in life. As a young man, who lives with his parents, and before that lived in his girlfriends home… I would hope that he wants to at minimum have his own place one day and not rely on the handouts of others. Not to mention he has children, their costs are going to keep growing so if he’s not thinking about how he needs to do better financially so that he can give them a better life, education, experiences, whatever … that’s a big ass red flag.

2. Takes people for granted- let’s be real – his last relationship lost it’s spark because he was not behaving like a partner, he wasn’t taking care of his family and he was spending too much time gaming. He’s a man child and he’s already asking you to foot the bill for your relationship. He wants to see you, but not enough to take extra hours at work or reduce his expenditures to pay for gas.

It is ABSOLUTELY OK to say that you don’t want to date someone who is not able to manage their own financial health and puts all expenses on your shoulders.