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April 29, 2024 at 5:31 pm #1128952

“When I asked him about coming this way to see me, he says he could try but doesn’t have the funds to do much. I then tell him that with the money I spent to go see him on hotel and gas I had to watch my budget right now. Radio silence. I gave it a day and told him how I felt and that as much as I like him it’s not fair it all falls on me, that at minimum we should both be taking turns to see each other and maybe right now with his financial situation he should focus on that and wait to date. I have heard nothing but radio silence after him telling me how amazing I am”

That could have happened via text had you been asking the right questions instead of flirting or whatever for a month right after his breakup. Maybe you’re young but you cannot spend a month texting a dude and not get a hint that 1. He’s broke and lives with his mom 2. He just got out of a relationship when he started up with you.

Please, sorry you read attitude in my comments but if your title says you don’t want to date a broke man, he ain’t it. He’s not even responding to you because you asked for more than nothing from him.