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April 30, 2024 at 9:01 am #1128959

Yeahhh, how exactly is it that you’re 26 and haven’t spoken in 10 years but also didn’t stop speaking until you met your now-husband a few years ago? This timeline doesn’t make sense.

Assuming this story is even true, I think therapy is your best bet.

ETA: I can recall a couple phases of life where I’d log onto social media and feel jealous of people. It was never because I wanted exactly what they had, but because I wanted my own version of it. Like, I remember being about your age and feeling like such a loser compared to my friends who already had great careers taking off because mine was lackluster. Or feeling left behind when, around 30, my feed felt like nothing but engagement announcements and I was very single. For me, jealousy has always been my cue to look inward and reflect on what I felt was missing, then try my best to improve my own circumstances. BTW, I left FB several years ago and I do not miss it. Social media isn’t real life. I’ve had some bizarre experiences as a result of social media. It’s also known to contribute to worse mental health outcomes. Take a break if you need it.

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