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May 2, 2024 at 11:08 am #1129027

If you are communicating with someone from a dating app or website and they do or say something that feels “off,” move on to the next match. Red flags here include: she didn’t include a photo on her profile, she is nonresponsive, she tells whackadoodle stories that don’t make sense, and she’s sharing too much too fast about her traumatic past. You should stop talking to her. Shady people use dating sites all the time to catfish or scam or cheat. A podcast I listened to awhile back had a term I can no longer remember for someone who is in a committed relationship and on the dating sites for the ego boost but they have no intention to meet up (i.e., someone who will waste your time as long as you allow it to be wasted). Keep swiping to get new matches.