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May 2, 2024 at 11:17 am #1129029

Ok so, I don’t know what someone would have to gain by telling you stuff like they work at Walmart, are in a cast, and don’t have a car, especially if they’re not really trying to engage you or getting back to you much. You seem super duper suspicious of everyone you meet. My question to you is, if this woman is what she says she is, are you even interested in meeting her? If so, and you ask her to meet, and she can’t, then either she’s not interested or not really available and you should just stop messaging. You don’t have to take yourself off the whole app. But if your guard is up so much that you’re asking off-putting questions like send me a pic in your uniform, and you think everyone must be fake, then probably you aren’t ready to date. Maybe just go to church, or group stuff you’re interested in, and if you form an organic connection with anyone you meet then great. You’d at least know they’re real and able to get themselves to where you are.