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May 15, 2024 at 5:45 pm #1129109

So in both examples you gave, they lied and said they were fine. In the first instance you told them to block an ex and they got mad. Like… to me that seems pretty normal, to be mad that someone you’ve been in a relationship with 3 months is telling you what to do, and not want to get into a big fight about it on the phone late at night. I get it with the sex too, like it’s not going the way you want but it’s early on in the relationship and you don’t know how to communicate.

Is this person lying to you about other kinds of things? Or is it more that they don’t know how to communicate their feelings?

I guess overall I think it’s not a great sign that you’re 3 months in and telling them what to do and having multiple conversations about their communication style. It indicates… not a great fit.

You might want to try looking up techniques for trying to create a safe space where a person feels comfortable sharing with you. See if there’s anything helpful there. But yeah, in the long run this may not work.