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May 30, 2019 at 8:30 am #844394

Hey guys!

I’ve been super MIA. Work has been bonkers, we are 15 days from our wedding, We are leaving to drive to our wedding in 9 days. Kind of bonkers! These last few months have been stress out the wazoo.

Things I have had to deal with in the last 7 days:
-Horrific reaction to eye lash extensions – like my eyes swelled shut
-A bad experience with my normal hair lady and highlights (we’re fixing this Sunday)
-A burn while doing some teeth whitening
-Forgetting to add a couple numbers on my budget and going slightly over budget on the wedding
-Trying to manage blending of 2 families when my parents have one set of expectations and his parents have a different
-Having to make small decisions that *I* don’t care about but have to be made (WHO CARES ABOUT NAPKIN COLORS)

His oldest has started dating while visiting with us. All these guys are wanting to meet her on like a Tuesday at 10 pm. But most of them are Indian and what I’ve noticed is most the Indians in our area are out late. They do late night walks, their dedicated stores are open later and their food locations are open later. I’m trying to not read into them as “booty calls.” I assume she practices safe sex if she is having sex with any of them if so. Just makes me super glad I’m not trying to date anymore.