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June 3, 2019 at 2:50 pm #844616

Glad things are sorting themselves out, @TheHizzy. That’s scary about lash extensions! I’ve looked into them before and the only thing that deterred me before was the cost, but I can add swollen shut eyes to the list! Was the cat supposed to be going to the wedding, or did I not understand that last bit at all? Ha.

How are things with you? You haven’t updated us in awhile!

My bday was over the weekend and I had such a great birthday date with BG. We went to a cooking class, which is something I loved, then went out for fancy cocktails. The second bar we went to is a popular speakeasy-style bar here and always has a line, but it moves fast. By this point the temps had dropped and it was cold, so we were hugging in line and a group at a restaurant across the street started singing happy birthday to someone in their group, and BG sang it with them but quietly to me. And I was so happy (and a bit drunk, ha) that I started tearing up. Which sounds so cheesy. I’ve had some super fun birthdays, but it was really nice to have a partner to make me feel special this year. Saw some family the next day (BG couldn’t come) and they started peppering me with questions about marriage and all that. Which got kind of weird, and I’m not sure how to field those questions, but eh, not too worried.

Hope you DW-er daters also had a fun weekend!