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June 3, 2019 at 3:41 pm #844621

Happy birthday copa!!! Aw that is so sweet.

Just about birthdays, 1) My bf only has two more of his “two weeks on, two weeks off” thing! 2) he was supposed to leave two days before my birthday in August for one session. I’m pretty easy going about birthdays but I was a little disappointed since it’s my 30th (!). However work is work. He then managed to arrange it to leave a couple days after my birthday. Totally unnecessary but sweet. I think I will still have a celebration with friends the weekend before; just awkward because it’s not the closest weekend to my birthday.

And on dating and stuff, 3) we are going on our first flight together this week. Visiting you Americans’ fine city of Boston. Just 4 days 5 nights. I’m excited and a little nervous! Would also love any of your recommendations.

Hope you and your family/town are doing well Ver.

Glad your lash extensions are fixed Hizzy! Omg that is scary.