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June 4, 2019 at 9:22 am #844654

Everything has felt pretty smooth, to be honest. Nothing about it has felt like a difficult transition.

I do miss my mom a lot and I felt pretty homesick around Thanksgiving… but I was able to find pumpkin puree in the “American” aisle at the grocery store so I made a pumpkin pie anyway.

I also really miss dill pickles and coffee cream hahaha. But I’ve gotten used to drinking my coffee with milk now.

Living with my boyfriend has been really great!

He’s ridiculously messy, but I was well aware of that before I moved in. I kind of feel like I’m always tidying up after a messy toddler and I nag him a bit to make more of an effort to pick up after himself.

But at the same time… he does so much else for me and for us. He actually feels like my partner, like we’re a team! So it has been really nice just being together and creating a home together.

He has been really supportive of my business as well, even though I’m not profitable yet.

He also travels for work about once a month. So I still get enough “alone time” which I enjoy. He’s usually gone about 5 days at a time, which is perfect. It’s enough time for me to enjoy having the bed to myself, but not so long that I really start missing him (once he was gone for 16 days… that sucked and I missed him a lot).

Everything here feels pretty good! I just wish I could teleport (or apparate?) so I could see my mom more often.