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June 6, 2019 at 9:27 am #844796

@veritek33 Can you have either/or? Or several options of breakfast food? I LOVE biscuits and gravy, but yeah, it can be messy and a meal some people might want to avoid for other reasons. (Like I LOVE it but I have some GI issues and often avoid it unless I know it’s gonna be dope, like when I visit southern states.)

A friend of mine ended an LTR about a year ago and has since dated one guy briefly and was kind of down on dating. I was encouraging her to go on more second dates, saying that one of our friends who gets married in like two weeks almost didn’t go on a second date with her now-fiance, and I’ll bet she’s glad she did. And that I met BG and always liked him, but didn’t leave the first date swooning or whatever. So I actually went back in this thread the other day to see what kinds of things I was saying about BG early on. It was kinda fun.