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June 25, 2019 at 7:44 am #846220

Lots of changes have happened here! I am going to grad school this fall and my BF has been trying to find work in that city, and last Thursday he got a job offer! He has accepted, and because his move in time/work start date is around the same time as me moving, we decided to look into a place together 🙂

First time living with a guy I am dating, it has been 2 years and we are both ready. Even sent him the list of things to do before moving in, and we pretty well have all the key ones discussed. Very excited, but also nervous as it will be a new experience for us. Otherwise, holy crap the moving coordination, splitting our stuff and determining a place is so time consuming.

We are in the area this weekend for a wedding and since it is going to be raining most of the time, unless it changes, we are going to do some apartment visits.