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July 2, 2019 at 6:19 am #846793

I personally would let my partner worry about gifts for his own parents and I for mine. He’ll text my parents happy birthday or get a card, but we each handle gifts for our own parents. I just mean, I really don’t think you need to send her anything. Or just a card would be sufficient. I also would say who even cares if she’s into family photos, a framed photo is ALWAYS a nice gift, and so is stationery. Or some flowers if they have flower delivery over there.

ETA Holy rude to give back a gift. Like hello, it’s a pretty box you could store anything in. Obviously I could be missing something about her culture, but what the hell? Was she trying to send you a message there?

Also ETA I’ve never known a mom who didn’t like pics. My mom sends photos of my husband and I that I text her to Snapfish and gets them framed and displays them.