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July 9, 2019 at 11:50 am #847484

I feel the same as you, @hfantos – I would be annoyed if I were the SIL, but I definitely wouldn’t say anything about it (well, not to anyone who would repeat it to the other bride and groom!) and I would get over it. And the reason I’d be annoyed wouldn’t have anything to do with my wedding being “my big day” or about having my thunder stolen or any of that – which, it sounds like are the reasons the SIL in this case is mad; I would just feel bad for any guests who might have to travel to two weddings back-to-back, especially since one is a destination wedding so people are definitely already traveling for that one. Being a wedding guest can also be expensive – travel costs, but also gifts, attending showers, attire – and I’d feel bad for anyone feeling an extra crunch with weddings just two months apart from each other. Not a huge deal, and I’d get over it; I’m also particularly anxious all the time about other people’s convenience level so am extra sensitive to shit like this. Most people who are normal wouldn’t be bothered.