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July 9, 2019 at 5:01 pm #847575

The argument that the only guest who this truly affects is SIL’s (and ver’s fiancé’s) mother is kind of ridiculous. Isn’t that sort of the one person you’d want to MOST try to ingratiate yourself to when you’re marrying her son? And, yeah, I can 99% guarantee that she is not pleased about Ver’s wedding date. Being a mother of the bride is a big deal and can be an especially big deal for some moms – *almost* as much as being a bride. If she falls into that camp, I promise you she’s been venting to the SIL about how stressful it will be to have both her kids now getting married essentially back-to-back. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe *that* is why the SIL is saying she’s suddenly overwhelmed when a few weeks ok she seemed ok?

I mean, I guess I just don’t understand why, if there’s a good chance that you future in-laws are going to be annoyed by you choosing a date so close to an already-scheduled wedding, you would choose this hill to die on. It’s nice you want to honor your grandparents, but there are other ways to do that (wear something of theirs, use something from their wedding in your wedding – we used drew’s parent’s cake-topper, for example- give a special thanks to them in the program). Do they even want you to share their anniversary? Maybe they do, but maybe they don’t? Maybe they like having a day that is special to them? I don’t know.

Again, I don’t think anyone is necessarily being a bridezilla, but I do think it’s a little thoughtless to pick a wedding date so close to your fiancé’s sister’s date knowing that it’s going to add stress for her and your fiancé’s parents in the weeks leading up to her wedding, and I guess I don’t understand what’s so important about the date you’ve chosen to start your married life on that note.