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July 9, 2019 at 8:53 pm #847593

They already delayed getting engaged to keep SIL happy. By 6 months, which means that Veritek and MoV knew, at about the end of 2018, that they wanted to be married and procreate together. (Right? Someone correct my timeline if I’m wrong here.) So now they are supposed to wait a total of 1.5 years to get married because SIL needs to have 2019 and at least part of 2020 all to herself? Do you also think that they should delay having kids or buying a house until after SIL does? I will concede that perhaps the optics aren’t great and the timing could be construed as a jab at the in-laws, but exactly how far apart do these weddings need to be for Veritek to be in the clear here? If SIL were absolutely adamant that they not get married anytime before her wedding, do you still think that’s a reasonable stance?