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July 10, 2019 at 1:13 pm #847670

My wedding was at 11 am on a Friday – a major “don’t” in many people’s books, and ten years later, some of our guests still tell us it was one of their favorite weddings. We got married in Central Park, chartered three buses to take guests to a restaurant in midtown for lunch – where the food was actually really good (unlike the food at most catered weddings) and the booze was flowing. the lunch reception wrapped up around maybe 2 or 3, we said good-bye to most family members, our friends got a few hours to change clothes, relax, do whatever, and then we re-convened at our apartment around 8 for a really fun house/ rooftop party.

Oh, and there weren’t chairs at the wedding in the park (except for our parents and a few older relatives). If you’re a longtime reader here, you might remember a former commenter thought that was the absolute height of rudeness. Whatever – it remains one of the best days of my life.