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July 15, 2019 at 11:37 am #848136

Ah interesting. Glad it went smoothly too. Are you nearing your one year anniversary? My bf and I actually did our first weeknight sleepover at his place too last week. It’s always been my place because of his work schedule being off. I took a long weekend off last week though so I stayed over the night before. He wakes up early so it’s probably a good thing for me haha. It was nice to “test drive” the route. It was obviously longer but ok. His place/neighbourhood is equidistant from our work places and the further he moves to where I am, his commute will “exponentially” increase whereas mine won’t. I really like where I am though and my commute is a breeze. Things to think about. We’ve never done a weeknight sleepover where we were both working.