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July 29, 2019 at 11:28 am #849019

From small town Midwest here. I wanted zero gifts and zero parties leading up to my wedding. I was able to convince my immediate family to not throw me a shower, but it was hard. We ended up making my bachelorette similar to a shower in that we went to a cocktail making class then dinner. My mom joined in on the festivities. That was my compromise.

So, I think you could ask for what you want, if that’s drinks, cool!

I also ended up registering for a few items at different price points so if people wanted to buy a gift, they could. Two cousins did honeyfunds and I contributed to that instead of checks at the wedding.

I think you should do both. A few more traditional house items and then a honeyfund and people can choose what they’d prefer to gift. They’ll gift you something regardless.