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August 1, 2019 at 1:32 pm #849281

@Copa I’m fortunate to have family like that too. Like, I know 100% my aunts that live in Montana and Florida will not come to my wedding but they’ll send a gift and one will follow the registry religiously and the other one will do whatever she wants. If that’s what they want to do and we don’t need or want it, we’ll find it another home.

My boss and I actually had a long talk today about showers in your 30s/40s/50s for first time brides. Her sister got married the first time at 50 years old and she was thrilled to throw her a shower and a bachelorette party and said she really enjoys when older people find their person and get married after their already established. I’m still torn on what to do but I do like everyone’s feedback and opinions. I enjoy the get togethers before weddings because I love having my friends and family together to visit and celebrate but also don’t want anyone to be put out of time or money any more than they have to be.