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August 13, 2019 at 5:14 pm #850241

I guess he is living up to his namesake! AT stood for Awkward Texter right?

When I was single and still had Tinder on my phone, one match and I would message each other when a big sports event happened in our respective cities (matched when I was traveling but didn’t meet up). It was kind of pointless but fun and fizzled out.

I feel guilty even though I shouldn’t? My friend (well her friend) invited me to her bachelorette. It was a bit impromptu (two weeks notice) because my friend is having a very small wedding abroad. I knew it was an afternoon tea and dinner and I said I could go. When I got the email with details yesterday for the bachelorette this Saturday, turns out tea is at 1 and dinner is 8:30. Also the tea is more than I’d be comfortable paying. I guess people are going home to change but it’s basically a whole day affair. I know compared to weekend bachelorettes it’s not bad but it wasn’t what I was expecting (I guess more like 3-4pm? But I suppose we’d be full for dinner). I have a car appointment that I can’t really reschedule in the morning which is the lamest reason ever, but since I have to travel a bit, it might be tight timing wise too.

So I am going to the dinner and happily so. But I should want to celebrate my friend? I don’t think anybody’s in the wrong. The tea will be fun and it’s nice to have different options for people. But is it ok if I don’t go? I just feel bad now.