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October 3, 2019 at 1:21 pm #853758

That’s great, @hfantods! I’m curious what our new normal will look like, too. He finishes his current job tomorrow, then has a week off, which we’re calling The Week of BG. Haha. We were initially planning to celebrate his last day/new gig this weekend, but I just got back from vacation where I caught some kind of flu or stomach bug on the last day, so I think we’ll have to postpone.

Also, unrelated to his career transition, but I adore his family. My immediate family, everyone is very nice but we’re very fractured as a family unit, and my extended family is all far away. I spent most of my 20s learning how to operate as independently as possibly in every sense. I really love that his family has welcomed me so warmly and have enjoyed spending time with them. I’m still so in awe that families can hang out and enjoy one another’s company without awkward tension or fighting (I know this probably sounds odd to people, but that’s what I’m used to with my own!).