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October 18, 2019 at 1:18 pm #854968

@TheLadyE Agreed that he sounds really thoughtful. I personally LOVE when a partner notices the things you like and acts accordingly. Maybe he hasn’t said the words yet, but it seems like he’s showing you through actions at this point. My boyfriend does smaller stuff like that pretty often, so sometimes when he says he loves me, before saying it back, I say, “I know.” Because he shows me, and I love that.

One morning in maybe September, I was telling him how excited I was for fall, and asked, “Do you know what I can’t wait to have in cold weather?” I wasn’t actually looking for an answer, but he responded, “Yeah. Soup.” And he was right, I was thinking about how excited I was for soup. (Haha.) I asked how he knew, and he answered, “Because I know you.” And he does, and it’s so nice to have that in my life.