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October 28, 2019 at 9:19 am #856193

@Copa – that seems like enough of a red flag to walk away for your friend. You dont’ like about being married/being a widower.

MofV and I took engagement photos yesterday and had so much fun and loved the previews. We also had both sets of parents out to the winery where we are getting married to see the spaces and meet with the new coordinator. It was such a relief that his parents were able to come and be excited for us and see the space and they loved it as much as we did. His mom said after seeing it she understands even more just how different our wedding will be from his sisters.

Unfortunately, while I was walking my parents to their car MofV was asking his mom if his sister has calmed down any about the wedding dates. His mom actually teared up and said she’s just such a wild card right now. She can be sweet one day and so so mean the next day – particularly mean to mom. They told sister where they were going yesterday (to come see us and the winery) and she was just hateful and rude to them for wanting to go be excited for their son and his wedding. It made MofV feel so crappy and he said to me later “Is it so wrong for me to have a day and have my family be excited for me?” And my heart just breaks for him. I made it clear to him that I never want to be the reason why he doesn’t have a relationship with his sister. His mom apparently encouraged him/us to sit down with her and her fiancĂ© and try to talk things out again but MofV and I agree that there’s no point. It won’t be productive and it’ll just be another opportunity for me to be painted as the bad guy and so maybe in a year or so after the weddings are over.