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October 28, 2019 at 12:05 pm #856210

My friend and her boyfriend are over! I guess I misunderstood the story. She found out about the soon-to-be ex-wife because he broke up with her in a way that felt very abrupt and made no sense to her. So she took to Google and did a pretty deep dive, or so it sounds, and now feels foolish that she never thought to do that in the first place since they met online. I’ve never done more than a superficial Google search for an online date, so I told her not to feel bad. He’s a bullet dodged. I feel bad about it, though. She doesn’t deserve that.

@Veritek MOV’s sister sounds awful. I personally wouldn’t bother to sit down with her to try to work things out. Neither of you have to be close to her just because she’s family. I can’t remember how old you said she is (like 30ish?) but I wish someone would tell her to grow the fuck up. Worse things have happened than your brother getting married a few months before you. Glad you had fun doing your engagement photos, though! I liked the previews you shared on IG, and that red dress/scarf combo!

In my relationship, BG started his new job a few weeks ago! He’s liking it so far but so far not much has changed for us as a couple yet. This job doesn’t entail much travel (yay!) but he was gone last week for training and has another one coming up, and I guess has a two-part exam to take that he wants to get out of the way ASAP. He generally works in healthcare and will now deal with being on-call periodically. Last night we were carving pumpkins at my place when he got his first on-call assignment (or however it’s called) and he wasn’t able to do what he needed to do from his phone, so he had to leave early. Which was a bummer! I’m glad my sister was with us so I had someone to finish the pumpkins with! Curious how the on-call thing will shake out. My last LTR was with a guy who also worked in healthcare and also had to be on-call (totally different roles, and the ex was pretty much always on-call) and it was hard sometimes.