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October 28, 2019 at 1:13 pm #856222

@Copa – I’m sorry to hear about your friend, you’re right she didn’t deserve that. And I know it’s not a popular stance but I’d run an online dates name though the state court records before I went out with them. Saved me from going on a date with a guy that had a restraining order out on him from his ex wife.

And I’m glad you like our preview, I was worried about outfits for a while but we ended up with something we both liked.

MofV’s sister is 31 – and I just can’t anymore. I’m done trying. I’ve apologized, I’ve extended Olive branches, I bought her and MOV’s Mom some Disney swag from my part time job and she still acts this way because our wedding is before hers.

My mom was on call a lot as a kid so I can’t speak as the spouse. She investigated child abuse as a DFS worker so she’d get pages at all times of day and night. When she got a page on Christmas eve and had to remove some kids from their home rather than being with me and my dad – that’s when she put in her notice. Hopefully BG’s job isn’t as demanding. I was “on call” when I worked in politics but it typically wasn’t too bad. I think it all depends on the company.