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October 28, 2019 at 1:23 pm #856224

Yeah. Neither BG nor my ex are doctors. BG works in software, the ex worked in logistics/operations. It sounds like BG’s on-call schedule will be rotated with his coworkers, so at least it won’t be ALL the time, but I’m unsure how frequently issues will pop up. He’s so new that I’m sure he has no idea either. He tried to do what he needed to do from his phone, but couldn’t, so he had to leave. It was disappointing! He apologized and said he’ll bring his work laptop with him from now on when he’s on-call. My ex usually could handle what he needed to over the phone, but occasionally he’d have to go into work unexpectedly. I still remember the look on his face every time his work ringtone went off. He hated feeling like he was always on the clock.