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October 28, 2019 at 9:49 pm #856286

So I want to gather some thoughts from others here about my ex and I.

As context, the reason I decided to end things was because of the lack of chemistry in the bedroom. I had been in counselling the last 6 months or so this year to help with some of my own emotional regulation, but to also talk about this particular issue between us. So we had been working and talking about our sex life and what I needed for 6 months prior to moving in together this September. Basically, I wasn’t happy with the sex, it was very vanilla for me and didn’t have enough variety, passion and chemistry in the bedroom. We were physical in public, ie PDA, and we were affectionate elsewhere, but the bedroom life just seemed to be stagnant. I told him things I needed, and also told him to tell me what he wanted to try (as he was less experienced than me).

When we broke up I had realized that the lack of satisfaction in the bedroom affected me emotionally more than I realized. So I felt it was necessary to end it for the sake of my sanity and happiness. He told me the night we ended things that he had wanted to try stuff but was nervous about bringing it up (I had made sure he knew I was GGG, and asked him about things he wanted to try, but he didn’t provide much for me).

So, tonight, I had to go to his place to pick something of mine up, and he apologized to me about how he acted after the break up, as we were living together for over a week till I could find a place. He said he was trying to emotionally disconnect to protect himself, but also realized it wasn’t kind to me either. I said thank you for the apology, and yes I understood we were not in the best situation after, but he did act a bit immaturely at times.

Then he also apologized and acknowledged his lack of openness with our sex life. Said in talking with a friend he realized that his past sexual experiences were very tame and vanilla and just assumed that’s how it was (not sure why after 2 years and me trying to coax it out of him to open up he still thought that). Regardless, he acknowledged openly he was not fair in the bedroom. I said thank you, and repeated my frustrations that I had told him prior, and that I hope he is able to explore more on his own that he should explore and see what he likes considering his lack of experience.

Leaving that conversation, I was happy and also relieved that he had been thinking about what happened, acknowledged his faults and that he had things to work on.

My question is, should I let him know that I am open to potentially re visiting our relationship. Caveat being, if he manages to explore and learn more about his own sexual interests, and thinks he can bring something more to the table in the future. At the end of the day, the sex stuff was the biggest deal breaker for me. He knew this. The fact that this finally came to a head for me was hard, as we did have a lot of commonalities and chemistry otherwise (ie same values, future plans, interests, lifestyle, personality, emotional support, etc).