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October 29, 2019 at 2:56 pm #856417

@Copa, I agree. It had crossed my mind after we broke up whether I had left prematurely and given up too quickly. But having dealt with this issue for 6 months and getting pretty much no where with regards to improvements made I was still glad that I had ended it when I did despite the circumstances.

My thought on mentioning or even considering this internally for the future is more around the idea of him addressing those shortcomings and improving himself. If he turns out to be more than vanilla, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying again if we were in the same boat of being single and interested. This again would be a year or two down the line. I have no intent to date at the moment, and want to work on myself through counselling to deal with some of the personal issues that arose during the relationship.

I will not be contacting him to put this in his head, I am just going to leave it be as a passing thought for myself.