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October 30, 2019 at 11:42 am #856606

Sorry again you have to go through this @Cleo. I agree with what people have said. Even internally having this in your head may affect you moving on. It sucks that maybe you may be the impetus of him improving himself but he didn’t do it while you were still together.

Could I also bounce some ideas around with you folks? My boyfriend has been back to his “normal job” for a month. We basically meet up once during the week and spend most of the weekend together. I realize I miss him more. I liked waking up together on weekdays. It’s starting to make me think about moving in together. My boyfriend has been the one bringing up the conversation in the past. We haven’t talked about it seriously because he’s been on the project. My parents are very traditional. At this point there’s nothing for them to say if we move in together but I’d have to get over the mental block. I pulled up Wendy’s list of things to do of course. We are at the financial stage and the what happens if we break up. I just feel so naive because I always thought about prenups and the like but when it’s really your own relationship it’s harder to distance yourself because I obviously don’t plan on breaking up. Any suggestions for these discussions or the terms?