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October 30, 2019 at 12:29 pm #856616

OMG the amount of crap we own collectively. It overwhelms me a bit. I don’t know how any of what I own would fit in his bachelor pad of like eight years. It’s full! He was saying last night that we could first live at his place, then look for a new place. But I do think I’m leaning toward waiting on a firmer commitment, then finding a place together that would be more permanent. BG’s place is fine, but it’s farther from transit than I’d ever choose for myself, and I rely almost exclusively on transit. And then, yeah, there’s the, do we enter into a landlord/tenant agreement? Is it fair that he’d be benefiting from my helping him with his mortgage? Last night was the first night it’s come up as a true idea, we didn’t get into the details of anything and obviously need to talk in-depth about it.