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November 10, 2019 at 6:10 pm #858471

Being newly single as well (just shy of 2 months now), I know how it feels to end something when so many others things fell into place. Your situation is definitely unique, as it wasn’t so much either of you falling out of love, or not being compatible, rather him needing to explore more on his own. So although I can say I know how you feel, I won’t know the exact feelings as they are unique in your situation.

But please know you are not alone. Make sure to really keep to that no contact rule, get back into more social events (holiday events are full blown at the moment, go for dinner, drinks, events with friends). If you find yourself thinking too much about him or the situation, write yourself a mantra to go to when you are feeling down. Also, podcasts help a lot to distract.

I really hope you are doing okay, you are not alone, and stay strong! Do things you couldn’t when you were with him, and I would even suggest a few counselling sessions to just help sort your thoughts and have a truly third party weigh in on things. Self care!!!