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November 18, 2019 at 3:24 pm #860170

I say take the high road with MoV’s sister! Easier said than done, I’m sure, but she’s the kind of person I wouldn’t want to leave any room for her to say anything bad about me. Not that that has seemed to stop her, but still…

I had a great weekend with BG! On Saturday, we went to our city’s holiday market and yesterday we went to a new restaurant that opened here that specializes in a very specific dish that I haven’t been able to find since my family lived in Japan almost two decades ago.

Next weekend, we are doing a quadruple date with three of his college roommates and their wives. I’m excited. He has a lot of friends, but in the past few years, most have paired off, started families, and moved to the suburbs. It’s been hard for me to really get to know his friends because when I’ve met them, it’s mostly been at big gatherings. So I’m excited for a smaller group setting.

I’ll be heading to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with him, his mom, and his stepdad and am excited for a break in the cold weather. As I’m sure many of you have also experienced, it got really cold really early this year and I’ll be happy to read by the pool and relax for a couple days before work gets crazy for me in December.

ETA: I’m excited for Florida, but honestly feel kinda sad that I won’t be going home as I usually do. I don’t even particularly enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, but I feel a little sad notwithstanding!