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November 19, 2019 at 12:30 pm #860345

Oh Ver, I’d want to take the high road too but that would only be if she were rational. After what she pulled in August, it makes sense if you don’t want to.

That all sounds fun @copa!

I’m Canadian so no Thanksgiving here. Definitely seems early this year though. Sort of like @copa I am still meeting my bf’s friends from high school who are out of town. He went on a guy’s trip this weekend and I made sure to get to his place before they dropped him off so I could meet one of them. Maybe that scored my some points.

My boyfriend invited me to his extended family’s Christmas gathering. I went last year. There are a lot of people but overall a fun group. Makes me kind of sad that in recent years my extended family don’t really celebrate Christmas together as people have their own families. My boyfriend hasn’t met my extended family yet due to timing, and I’d like him to at least meet my cousins. I might have to organize something myself heh. There will be a Chinese New Year thing next year which maybe he can attend.

Lastly our parents are meeting for the first time next weekend! Ahhh, haha. I hope it goes well. I like his parents. I hope my dad doesn’t say something silly heh. My mom is pretty good in these situations.