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November 20, 2019 at 10:24 am #860531

I am also Canadian, so Thanksgiving came and went over a month ago now. I have my first family Christmas event next weekend, we spread them out over the month so we aren’t running to a million places over only 3 days.
I love the holidays, but am obviously sad to be spending them solo this year. We talked last Thursday night, which kind of got my hopes up again and we talked a bit about still going to work and friend holiday parties together. But I saw my counsellor yesterday, and I just have to keep reminding myself, he has identified that his need is to be solo right now and maybe date around a little bit, that isn’t a problem that I can help fix so he needs to do this alone. Otherwise I am just dangling here waiting for him to wake up and realize how good we have it. I said to him “you realize people sometimes date for years trying to find what we have with each other” and he said yes, that he agrees with all of that, but he just needs to figure out his journey right now.
So, to sum that up, holidays will be busy but solo, which will be sad but I know I will survive.
Regarding SIL’s – his sister is super awesome so I am sad not to have her in my life now 🙁 I honestly got really lucky with him.