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December 10, 2019 at 11:57 pm #864749

Just hopping on here to say that I am just so very grateful & happy for my loving relationship with my boyfriend. I piled my puppies in the car and drove to his apartment (30ish minutes away) on Friday night with the intention of only staying one night because he had volunteering Saturday and work on Sunday, but…he didn’t want me to leave. We hung out at his place on Saturday and I had a late lunch/early dinner ready for him when he got home, and his work got cancelled Sunday so we hung out then too. It was just so…easy. So nice. We wore sweatpants (yoga pants for me) all weekend and watched movies (watch The Report on Amazon Prime!) and ate leftover Thanksgiving pie (it’s often vegan in grocery stores, who knew?) and talked about the state of the world, philosophy, politics, etc. Hours and hours of talking. He played with my girls and calls himself their dad. They LOVE him and legit WAILED for the first 5 minutes on the drive home after he said goodbye to them. It was so sweet. I’m so grateful. <3