Thanks from the Holiday Book Drive Recipients

After this morning’s column, how about something a little more cheerful and heartwarming, huh? Today I received emails from two of the teachers who participated in our annual holiday book drive late last month. This week they passed along the books to their students, and I thought you’d enjoy reading what the teachers had to say about that:

From Amy:

“We had our high school holiday party this afternoon. The kids were all so thankful and appreciative of the gifts. Thank you for helping us give these students a good Christmas. Most of the kids opened the books right away. It was SO exciting to see kids who do not consider themselves readers flipping through the books. One of the best parts of the party was a bittersweet moment when one girl told me that she was going to wait until Christmas to open her book because she didn’t think she’d have any other presents.

What a great way for a community of caring people to come together and really brighten the day and the holiday of some very special kids.

Thank you so much for helping the Mountain Valley teachers brighten our students’ holiday. We wouldn’t be able to afford to buy all of these students a book, but we love that we were able to help these kids have a Christmas. With only 35 – 40 students, we become very attached to each of them. It is hard for us to send them off for two weeks when we worry about them. It feels much better to know that they had a special reminder of how much we care for them as well as a book to occupy their time over the break.

Thank you again.”

From Ogo:

“We are so so so so thankful!! So much excitement in the room right now. Thank you to your generous readers! Thank you for facilitating such generosity on your site.”

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