“The Marriage Plot” is our January Book Club Selection!

In a very narrow margin (93 to 87 at the time of writing this) The Marriage Plot beat out We Need to talk About Kevin for our inaugural book club selection. If you’d like, you can order your copy of The Marriage Plot here (or just click the image at your left). And since the margin was so small, I thought we could make We Need to talk About Kevin our February book club selection, which gives you a little extra time to get a copy. And if your pick wasn’t chosen this time, don’t worry; we’ll have another vote in February for the March selection. Happy reading, everyone!!





  1. This goes along nicely with one of my New Year’s resolutions – I just ordered both books!!

  2. Wendy, for those of us not using dollars will you still get commission if we buy it in our own currency or in a different format (e.g. kindle)? Not quite up to date on how these affiliate programs work!

    1. CottonTheCuteDog says:

      I think Amazon keeps track of who brought you to the website so after you are brought to Amazon you can browse and stuff.

      Not sure about Kindles.

      1. Thanks for your answer, hopefully kindle format is included!

  3. AnotherWendy says:

    Just bought both, plus a third book I’ve been thinking about getting. Really looking forward to the book club!

  4. So glad you are doing this Wendy, looking forward to my first online book club!

  5. WatersEdge says:

    I just bought it for kindle using the website link, so I hope that’s ok!

    When should we expect to be done with the book, Wendy? When will we discuss?

    1. Let’s say last week of January.

  6. Question about the website link—
    Do we need to purchase it immediately upon opening the page, or can we add it to our cart, browse around, etc., and still have those funds go to you?

    1. You can browse around.

  7. Just bought both books through your link! I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks and needed some reading material, so this came at the perfect time!

  8. callmehobo says:

    Just bought the book through your link!

  9. I am actually reading The Marriage Plot right now (amazing book!!) and We Need To Talk About Kevin is next on my list…I am ready to discuss 🙂

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been away for over a week, and am so happy that the book club is starting! Just downloaded the book to my kindle (via the link of course). Can’t wait to start reading. I’m generally only a browser and comment infrequently, but I hope this helps me get more involved!

  11. So excited for this! I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now, and my friend vetoed it for another smaller book club I’m in (read: three people including me). I’m 1/4th of the way through and, though it’s interesting, I’m actually mildly underwhelmed so far.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      I’m already getting annoyed with this literary banter. I’ve screamed “MOA>> MOA!!!” about a millions times. However, I DID highlight the “people don’t save other people. people save themselves”

  12. Yay I ordered my book yesterday and it arrived today! Awesome. I followed the link so hopefully it worked for you Wendy! 🙂

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